Let’s face it; eating is a critical factor in a healthy life.  Even if you aren’t “overweight” many still struggle with those extra 5 to 10  pounds they would love to get rid of but just don’t know how.  We can HELP!  A major goal for this program is to educate each client on how to eat healthier. There are two components to this; the first is portion control, and the second is choosing the right foods.

What is HELP?  A program designed for patients who have a healthy BMI (<25) but still desire to lose weight or other patients referred by the Physician who have specific dietary needs.  The program provides unique dietary recommendations for weight loss by identifying individual’s food preferences, trigger foods and addressing their dietary needs based on their current lifestyle.

How do I get started? Most of our HELP Patients were originally interested in the Weigh Station program but because their BMI was within a heathy range, we recommended they set up a free initial visit with the overseeing Physician to discuss a healthy eating lifestyle plan. You can also call the front office to inquire about this program.

How is this program different? HELP patients follow up with weekly weigh-ins until your goal is met.  No need for lab work or an EKG with this plan; supplements are available for purchase.

How does Maintenance work? Once your goal weight is met you will follow up with the Physician for guidelines on how to maintain your goal weight.

Can I purchase supplements? Yes, the following supplements can be purchased:

Calcium pyruvate, Cell press, MVI, Lipo B

For more information please call one of our offices:

Christiansburg: 540.381.2670        Roanoke: 540.982.0250